Chronic Pain Management & Recovery

All of our Osteopaths are Chronic Pain Aware.

Our combined approach to chronic pain

New research shows that our traditional view that all pain is caused by tissue damage or postural dysfunction is wrong. The causes of pain are varied and whilst short term pain may be as a result of a pulled muscle, long term persistent or chronic pain is more likely to be being caused by functional changes in the nervous system. These changes can occur for many reasons relating to previous trauma, emotional, cognitive or lifestyle factors. This is why we take an all-round (biopsychosocial) view incorporating all aspects of your individual story to identify what aspects of your current situation or past history are relevant to your current symptom picture.

Our pain education helps explain the neurophysiological nature of chronic pain which comes from adaptive changes in the nervous system, not nerve or tissue damage. It explains why you can have what seems like tissue pain and neurological symptoms, such as pins and needles, but that there is no evidence in blood tests or scans. How many different diagnosis have you had? How many Doctors or practitioners have you seen and still you are no better?  By understanding the science that links up to 33 symptoms associated with chronic pain and working on the triggers it is possible to reverse these adaptive changes.

Science shows that many painful and long term conditions can be caused by stress, so once any tissue damage or pathological changes have been ruled out, our approach seeks to find out what other factors are underlying the condition. Once we have identified the significant factors we work with you to formulate an individually tailored plan that includes pain education and lifestyle adjustments to reduce the pain without the need for medication or invasive intervention.  Gentle osteopathic treatment may be part of your treatment plan. We use very gentle hands-on osteopathic techniques to help the body relax and let you feel more settled.

Having a chronic pain condition is frustrating and can have a huge impact on your life but we are here to help you get relief by giving you the tools and treatment to reduce your pain and get moving again.

We know exactly how you feel

Pippa completely understands the frustration of a chronic illness as she suffered with fibromyalgia and dealt with almost constant pain and all its associated symptoms for several years until recovering using the SIRPA approach.  Pippa and Louise now use this approach in association with the latest pain research and alongside osteopathy to help others to become free of long term symptoms.

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Osteopathy for Chronic Pain

Osteopathy can also help to address the underlying causes of chronic pain, such as stress, anxiety, and poor posture. By addressing the whole person, osteopathy can help to provide lasting relief from chronic pain.

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