Louise Field

I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 2015

Why I became an osteopath

I became an osteopath after failing off a horse and having a treatment myself.

My special interest within osteopathy

I like that Osteopathy has a holistic approach. It is not just treating musculoskeletal injuries or ‘just backs’ it is about treating the person as a whole and can have a big impact on their well-being and improving their lifestyle. I find the job rewarding especially when you find the primary cause of a patient’s pain and help the body to self-heal. My special interest focuses on people’s well-being, giving advice and treatment to help the body be more comfortable, move better and in turn function better. I treat any age from babies to the elderly using gentle techniques to suit each patient individually.

My other special interest is horse and rider osteopathy.

Having owned several horses, which had been given to me branded as a ‘problem’ but that I later discovered was actually as a result of pain, motivated me to develop my horsemanship skills, understand the equine anatomy and go on to pursue a career in Osteopathy.

After obtaining an equine sports science degree and a post graduate equine osteopathy diploma it fueled my passion to want to be involved in equine therapy and rehabilitation. I am in the process of completing my Pilates training to add to the osteopathy to help horse riders who suffer with pain and reduced mobility to become pain free and more balanced in the saddle.

Random facts

  • I ride horses
  • If I wasn’t an osteopath I would still want to work helping people
  • My 3 dinner guests would be Beyonce, Morgan Freeman and  Leonardo Dicaprio

​My number one tip for patients:

Keep hydrated, keep moving (being active day to day), keeping laughing, take time out for self-care, and take time out to find a hobby or something you enjoy doing for yourself and listen to your body if you need to rest.

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