Louise Field

Registered Osteopath
SIRPA Trained Pain Coach

Louise Field Registered Osteopath and SIRPA Trained practitioner

I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 2015.

Before becoming an Osteopath I worked with horses and gained a Equine Sports science degree at Hartpury College. After owning horses, which had been given to me branded as a ‘problem’ but that I later discovered was actually as a result of pain, motivated me to go on to pursue a career in Osteopathy. Following a bad horse fall I experienced first hand how amazing osteopathy is.

I like that Osteopathy has a holistic approach. It is not just treating musculoskeletal injuries or ‘just backs’ it is about treating the person as a whole and can have a big impact on their well-being and improving their lifestyle.

I treat any age but enjoy mostly patients from their teens and above. I favour using gentle cranial techniques to suit each patient individually. Treating the whole person, identifying any imbalances and unwinding the tissues to a more neutral balanced position. Holding space to bring us back to our centre emotionally and physically.

My specialist interest is working with emotional and physical stress using gentle cranial techniques via the mind body approach. To help patients feel more aligned and centred in their everyday life. I like to empower and educate patients and to help find balance and wellness in their own health stories. For a better understanding,  self-awareness and connection to our mind and body

SIRPA Trained Practitioner

In 2020 I completed my studies to become a SIRPA Trained Practitioner specialising in helping people living with chronic pain and illness. The training allows me to support patients with a tailored individualised plan to help reduce their symptoms.

I am especially interested in ‘burnout’ in health care practitioners and this has led me to develop a platform called THE MINDFUL PRACTITIONER.

Random facts

  • My three dinner guests Grant Golliher, Dr James Jealous, Tami Elkyam
  • If i wasn’t an osteopath I would be working with horses.


My number one tip for patients:

Take time out for yourself and do something that brings you joy.

Get out and observe nature.

Listen to your body and those heart and gut feelings, our body has an inner wisdom and innate healing mechanism.

You can’t separate the mind and body.


Professional Qualifications and further training courses

  • Integrated Masters In Osteopathy
  • SIRPA Trained
  • Finding Health in Trauma CPD
  • Equine Osteopathy Diploma
  • Equine Sports Science degree