My Daily Self Care Routine

Approach To Self Care

Over recent years I have become a lot more aware of the mind body link and its effect on our overall health.  Part of any healthcare professionals job is to provide empathy and compassion for our patients, however we must be aware of our own wellbeing to prevent the risk of empathy fatigue.

For years I have struggled with fatigue and realised it was getting worse since becoming an Osteopath. Luckily after discussing this with Pippa who very much understood and could identify with this feeling. Explained the reasons behind why I was feeling so tired i.e empathy fatigue and gave me tools to change this. Since implementing this changes I have noticed a huge difference!!


In order for me to look after myself and make sure I provide the best possible care for my patients I make sure to incorporate self care within my daily routine. 

Importance of ‘being present’

You often hear this term when listening to meditations, however I never really realised its significance to our mindset and health. Our lifestyles can be so hectic and fast paced these days and we often forget to take the time to be still and present. Being present is a useful tool to use when we are stressed or having a sense of overwhelm. Especially when we feel like we are having one of those days!! (Which we all have).

It is quite easy to be stuck in our own heads and concentrating on our worries or pain, but soon as we are mindful and present it can reverse these thoughts.

One of the ways which helps me to be present is when I am at the stables with my horses.

Horses are very intuitive to our emotions and have taught me a huge amount over the years. One thing I have learnt is to be present! As soon as you’re not they soon tell you about it and is when accidents can happen!

Recently I was reminded of this by my lovely old horse Onny. I was rushing around feeling stressed whilst getting them ready to be turned out and I quickly touched his back leg without letting him know. All of a sudden he kicked out and sending me flying. One minute I was thinking about where I had to be for work and the next minute I was on the floor! This actually shocked me. The first time in 15 years of owning Onny he kicked out!! Luckily I was not hurt but I was very embarrassed and a little in shock about what had just happened.

This situation literally brought me back down to earth and on reflection I am glad he reminded me to be more considerate, stop rushing and that stress and worry gets you nowhere in life. Even more now I respect and remind myself I must be present when I am at work and especially when I am around horses.

So when you’re out on your dog walk or eating your lunch take a moment to take in the surroundings, smells and tastes.

Here is an example of my daily routine

Morning Routine

  • Wake up drink some water
  • Meditate 5-10 mins
  • Gratitude Practice
  • Avoid checking my phone for the first 30 mins-1 hour
  • Go to the horses
  • Come back stretch and make breakfast (listen to a podcast)
  • Shower
  • Check emails and go to work

Evening Routine

  • After dinner
  • Go for a walk
  • Get ready for tomorrow
  • Make a plan/ list for tomorrow
  • Stretch and drink water
  • Shower
  • Read/Journal/gratitude (and avoid looking at social media at least 1 hour before bed)
  • Meditate and breathing exercises

Louise Field Registered Osteopath

Louise Field Osteopath

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