15 Minutes A Day

To Help You Change Your Pain And Anxiety

Many New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned by mid January, so this year I would like to introduce a slightly different take on it. Rather than encourage you to go on a diet or take up an unsustainable exercise regime I would like you to do ONE thing and one thing only. However, I would like you to try to do it everyday for the rest of your life.

It is really very simple and you will be surprised at what a difference it will make to many areas of your life but especially your pain and anxiety. All you need to do is find

15 Minutes A Day

15 minutes of dedicated time for you to do something that your nervous system will thank you for.

15 minutes to breathe. 15 minutes to check in with how you are feeling, 15 minutes to meditate.

The activity that will help you calm your nervous system will be different to others. You might find you want to do the same thing each day or you might want to do something different. If you are not sure what to try we have lots of suggestions in the toolkit section on the website. Click here for more information…

Personally I love to walk, I love to meditate and sometimes I spend 15 minutes journaling or actually just chatting around a problem with myself…out loud. (You should try it. I sometimes actually give myself some quite good advice).

You are worth the time

It was a huge change for me to feel worthy enough of spending this time on myself. Learning to include daily activity to sooth my nervous system has made an enormous difference in reducing my pain levels. As many of you know I have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (my story is here) and whilst I am now almost pain free, most of the time, I sometimes have more painful days. When the pain level rises it is usually because I have not taken my own advice that day. I haven’t spent 15 minutes doing something my nervous system will thank me for.


Whilst calming activities such as tai chi or breathing are excellent sometimes you need 15 minutes of fun. When did you last play? Play can help to de stress the nervous system, improve cognitive function (which helps with the brain fog) and even help heal previous trauma. The help guide describes it more fully here…  

So whether you rest, relax or play… what are you going to do with your 15 minutes a day today?



Sussex-Osteopath-abd-owner-Pippa-CossensPippa Cossens

Registered Osteopath and Pain Recovery Coach