Well-being Toolkit

Our well-being toolkit consists of lots of snippets and links to general health information. Its aim is to help get you fit and and helps to keep you healthy on the inside and the outside.

Our comprehensive Well-Being Toolkit is divided into three sections: movement, diet and general well-being. Each section contains a series of in depth guides, as detailed below:


Our ‘Movement’ section contains three guides:

Starting Moving

How to get started with exercise.

Exercising With Arthritis

Exercise advice if you have arthritis.

Exercising With Osteoporosis

Exercise advice if you have osteoporosis.


Our ‘Diet’ section focuses on the benefits of a healthy diet and is split into three sections:

Eating For Health

COMING SOON – keep your diet balanced for health.

Eat A Rainbow

Tips on getting as much of the good stuff in your diet as possible.


Keeping you body hydrated is important to reduce pain, brain function and circulation.

General Well-being

Our ‘General Well-being’ section focuses on health tips related to breathing, sleeping and therapeutics.

Therapeutic Rest

The importance of rest – COMING SOON

Breathing Exercises

A selection of breathing techniques to help reduce stress and improve sleep.

Sleeping Tips

Sleep is the foundation of our body’s health.

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