Therapeutic Rest

Therapeutic rest is a simple tool to help your body all round. It is a simple and effective way to help pain, fatigue and even digestion. It also gives us time for self care and to reset our systems.

Therapeutic rest is just as it sounds – resting therapeutically. All you need is a quiet place where you can rest undisturbed for 15 minutes upwards.

Equipment required:

  • A yoga mat for on the floor*
  • A pillow for under your head
  • Several pillows or cushions for under your knees
  • A blanket

*If you find it too hard to get up and down to the floor then you can rest on your bed. Ideally you want a supportive and not too soft surface to lie on.

The aim is to get yourself as comfortable as possible by supporting your head and neck with a pillow and put pillows under your knees so you can rest your legs in a semi bent position. You can cover yourself with a blanket if you wish.

This position allows your spine muscles to relax and be supported by the floor. It may be uncomfortable when you first lie down but after a few minutes the spine muscle should start to soften. To help them you might want to try one of the breathing techniques from the toolkit. one of the most effective is the relaxation breathing technique.

It also allows a quieting of the nervous system especially if you combine your therapeutic rest with a short meditation.

It is also helpful to do it just after you have eaten so your whole body can focus on digestion rather than trying to do that as well as keep you upright and this can increase the nutrients that your body takes up.

This simple technique can be done for 15 minutes or up to 45 minutes. It is hugely beneficial if you start to feel an increase in your pain levels or an increase in the sense of overwhelm or fatigue. Think of it as your reset button.

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