Key Skills

Recovery from chronic pain or illness is definitely a process. Some people armed with the relevant knowledge and skills recover quickly but for some it is a longer journey. Rather than travelling the recovery path alone our chronic pain practitioners are here to provide you with the individually tailored key skills to support and speed up the reduction of your symptoms.

Our training has taught us many ways to help you address your pain. No two people are the same so it is not a case of giving you a list of things to do and sending you away. It is about working with you and formulating an individual plan and working through it at your pace. If you have experienced pain for many years then undoing your body’s pain patterns will take several tools but once you have learnt them you will have them for life.

The key skills that we have to assist you include:

  • Extensive knowledge about pain physiology to help you understand what is causing your symptoms.
  • Helping you how to recognise and address your pain triggers and how to modulate your pain through your nervous system function.
  • Help you understand why your body responds the way it does in certain situations and give you the tools to adapt that neural programming.
  • Provide a health questionnaire to link all aspects of your pain story together.
  • Identify which aspects of your health history are relevant to your pain.
  • Provide a library of useful links – books, worksheets, videos – to help you understand how to reduce your pain.
  • Help you with understanding whether you are a highly sensitive person and that this may be an indication of why you are more susceptible to experiencing pain.
  • Ensure you are taking part in activities from all aspects of your house of health to help you reduce your chronic symptoms.
  • Make sure that you get a balance of physical and emotional input.
  • Teach you self-soothing and emotional awareness techniques to reduce your pain.
  • Help you to get moving again in a way that it is not overwhelming.
  • Introduce you in depth to the whole mindbody toolkit and the science behind it to find which tools suit you at each stage.

We can do this alongside gentle hands on osteopathy designed to calm your body and relax the tension enabling you to feel more comfortable on a physical and emotional basis.

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