Mid Back/Thoracic Spine

If any of the exercises cause pain please stop immediately and as with all exercise and stretches if you are uncertain as to whether it is suitable for you please contact us or your medical provider.

Mobility Exercise for the Spine Thoracic

Sit upright on a chair, with your feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms over your shoulders. Twist to one side keeping your head and hips still. Repeat to the opposite side. This exercise is a great mobility exercise for the spine.

Sitting Stretch for the Upper Back

Sitting down with good upright posture, run your arm down the side of the chair leg by side-bending your spine. You can make the exercise stronger by using your arm above your head to create more leverage. Repeat to the other side. This is a good mobility exercise for the upper and lower back while sat down, if you feel your back is starting to get stiff.

Sitting Stretch to Improve Upper Back Mobility

Sitting down in an upright position, rotate your upper body by moving your hand towards the opposite side of the chair back-rest. You can let the head follow, but progress by keeping the head straight forwards, thus making the rotation stronger. This is a great exercise to do while sitting for long periods of time if you feel your back is getting stiff.

Cat Camel Stretch

Start in a neutral four point position on your hands and knees, and round your back from an arched position. It should feel like a gentle stretch to your lower back. Don’t over-arch your back; keep it comfortable.

Thoracic Spine Self Massage

Stand up straight, with good posture, and place a spikey ball under your upper back. Gently move the ball in circles to create a massage to your back and shoulder blades.

Thoracic Mobilising Exercises

These are gentle exercises that are especially appropriate for patients with chronic pain.

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