I had my first osteopathic treatment from Pippa Cossens in 2002 after an extended stay in hospital. I arrived tense, anxious, stiff, uncomfortable, and with my feet not quite ‘on the ground’, and after my treatment I felt as if I’d begun to unroll from a tight little ball into a functioning person again – one who could finally release some tension, breathe deeply and stand tall.

In the years since, I’ve been a happy, regular visitor to Osteopathy For All, and Pippa has treated various musculoskeletal issues that have cropped up. Shoulders, neck and back, initially, but I’ve also found her ‘magic hands’ have sorted out sinus issues, balance difficulties, unexplained pain and repetitive strain-related stiffness in my hands caused by the nature of my work. Along the way I have learned all sorts of tips and tricks for how to avoid issues in the first place, as well as how to deal with any that do, both on a practical and a state-of-mind level. I have a chronic health condition, and every now and again I find the struggle to deal with its manifold issues and the demands it places on my body and mind to be overwhelming. Treatments and related advice from Pippa are hugely beneficial to me in this regard too.

After I started (and subsequently paused, due to injury!) my new fitness and running hobby, I had a series of appointments with Louise Field, who through her skilful process of testing and observing could identify exactly the nature of my injury and determine the best course of action. Her treatments got me back to running again – although given my habit of habitually overdoing it on the exercise front, I’m not sure whether to thank her or chide her for that!

When I first started seeing Pippa for appointments she was an individual practitioner, but now as the principal osteopath in her own thriving practice she has not only her own skills and experience to draw upon, but also those of her associate osteopaths Louise and Rebecca. As a long-standing patient of both Pippa and later of the practice as a whole, I know I have an excellent and gifted team on my team.

The thing that keeps me going back to Osteopathy For All is their absolute understanding not just of the physical parts of the body, but of the body as a whole – not just its tangible aspects. When I asked Pippa early on in our patient/practitioner relationship why she had become an osteopath, she told me that she had decided on this career when she was a child because osteopathic treatment she had had after a fall from a climbing frame had made such an incredible difference to her recovery. This lifelong commitment of Pippa’s to her field is humbling.

Mrs R S