We Are Here To Help Treat The Effects Of Stress And Anxiety

At Osteopathy For All, we are determined to help as many people as we can, who are suffering with the effects of stress and anxiety at this time.

Whether your anxiety is triggered by the thought of returning to work through the current covid-19 pandemic or not being as active as you would like to be; we want to show you how you can improve your health by tackling the effects of stress directly.

Why You Should Not Ignore the Effects of Stress

As we have explained in our previous blog, ‘What Is The Impact Of Stress On The Body?’, stress and anxiety can have a huge impact on our body’s internal systems. Our central-nervous, respiratory, muscular and immune systems can all be affected by the body’s natural ‘fight or flight’ response, triggered by stress.

Although stress and anxiety are natural responses in the body, if untreated, the effects can have a damaging impact on physical health, as well as mental health and wellbeing.


Without treatment, these effects can cause physical and mental pain and discomfort that may not seem directly relational. Therefore, it is vital that you act to treat the effects of stress quickly to avoid longer-term health issues.

Why Should You Consider Osteopathy to Help Treat the Effects of Stress and Anxiety?

The effects of stress can be treated in several ways.

As osteopaths, we take a holistic approach in understanding how the interconnections between our body’s internal systems can have an effect in both diagnosis and treatment of our patients. We take the time to build ‘the bigger picture’ so as well as assessing you physically to help address the pain we will work with you on identifying the source of the problem.

Identifying the source of the effects of stress is often the biggest challenge, as many people self-diagnose an issue solely based on the symptom. Instead, we work with you to understand things about your lifestyle, health history and previous health problems. This enables us to dive deeper into the root cause of your pain.

Choosing when to seek help is also a big issue when it comes to stress related pain and illness. Many people will ignore minor stress effects and let things build up until they become unbearable before seeking help. You should seek help sooner to help make diagnosis of the cause less complicated.

What Care Is Typically Involved in Treating Stress?

Treating the effects of stress with osteopathy can take different forms.

We avoid rushing to treat the symptoms before fully understanding and explaining the root causes. Typically, we follow the path of identify, understand and treat.



Stress is often overlooked as a possible cause of physical pain or discomfort because many people believe stress is built up in our minds rather than our bodies. However, the truth is that current, persistent and previous stress can be contributing factors to chronic pain. It is vital that we identify these contributing factors before prescribing care.


Once identified as a significant factor in the cause of your pain, it becomes easier to understand how stress can have an impact on your physical health, mental health and wellbeing.

We explain in clear, simple terms what has been causing your pain and discomfort so that you can have a full understanding going forward.


Osteopathy provides gentle and hands on treatment, which is designed to work in conjunction with self-care techniques to provide a long-term solution to pain and discomfort.

At Osteopathy For All, we treat with hands on osteopathy, as well as offering guidance and support to continue your self-care journey away from the practice.

How Can I Find Out More and Book an Appointment?

If you have not experienced the benefits of osteopathy first-hand and you are not sure whether it is right for you, there are a number of ways you can find out more.

Call the Team

Our team of dedicated osteopaths are always more than happy to chat through your issues on the phone and advise whether treatment would be suitable for you.

You can call us directly on 01825 840582. We will be happy to help.

We never encourage unnecessary treatment and will point you in the right direction of care, should osteopathy not be suitable for you.

Email Us

If you would prefer to email, we will be happy to respond with more information. Our email address is hello@osteopathyforall.co.uk.


We are currently offering free 10-minute telephone consultations/triage calls to help identify patient problems.

To book your free triage call, please click here.

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