How To Stay Active At Home, Mentally And Physically

As we’re all spending more time indoors, it’s important to keep moving and to stay active at home, for our health and wellbeing. Official advice (correct at time of writing, 03/04/20) has been to stay home and not take part in gatherings of more than two people. Normal routines have been disrupted. If you are someone who goes to gym classes or swims regularly, you may be asking yourself how to stay active at home.

We’ve put this article together to help you stay active not just physically, but also mentally. It’s important, now more than ever, to stay healthy and moving often is a key part of this.

Stick to an active routine

Create a new routine at home which gets you moving and sets you up mentally for the day. Start every morning right by getting out of bed early, having a stretch or workout, taking a shower then eating a wholesome breakfast.

Though it may be tempting to roll out of bed and slob around in front of the TV in your PJs all day, this will ultimately lead to you feeling low in the long run. Instead, stick to a routine which gets you moving at the beginning of the day, while giving your brain an energy boost. Start as you mean to go on as they say.

Pick up a new hobby that keeps you active at home

There are plenty of activities around the house to keep you moving. You probably already do some of these but wouldn’t think of it as a form of exercise at the time. Activities to keep you staying fit include gardening (bending, digging and shovelling), housework (hoovering, washing dishes and dusting) and walking (whilst talking on the phone, up and down the stairs).

Not only your body, but your mind too needs to be kept active for good general health. Things you can do to keep your mind in good working order include watching quiz shows (try to answer the questions yourself!), word puzzles (crosswords and wordsearches) and colouring books for adults.

Have a go at some active home workouts

Now that gyms, swimming pools and leisure centres have closed, it’s time to start doing physical activity at home a few times a week. Though you might be missing out on your running or cycling, there are plenty of workouts you can do indoors to increase your heart rate! There are lots of different exercises you can try before finding the best ones for you. Have a browse through the NHS website to find something suitable.

Used to working with gym equipment such as weights? You can improvise with things found around the house. Tinned food and bottles of drink act as great weights. Upgrade to bags of flour or sugar when these get too easy!

Remain in touch with loved ones

Keeping in touch with your family and friends will help reduce isolation and stress. Though you can’t get out and see them in person at the moment, there are plenty of other ways to get those contact hours in. Email, text, chatrooms and phone calls are all great ways to connect with others. Why not set up a book club on a group chat platform or have dinner dates through video calls.

Get some fresh air outside

We’re not suggesting that you go outside where there are lots of other people but getting out into your garden, or for some exercise, can boost your morale exponentially. Direct sunlight stimulates the brain and produces the mood enhancing chemical, serotonin. This lifts our mood and makes us feel good. Fresh air also helps clean your lungs with oxygen, ultimately giving you more energy and making you feel happier.

Try deep breathing exercises

You may know that breathing exercises reduce stress and can help you feel more focused. But did you know that these techniques can reduce blood pressure too? Physically, they help strengthen abdominal muscles and promote good blood flow.

Practice for a few moments a day to begin with, to make you more conscious of how you normally breath. Then up the ante when you need to. Here are a few techniques to help you get started.


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