Why Now Could Be The Perfect Time To Check In With Your Osteopath

As the people of the UK continue to be restricted by the lockdown enforced due to the coronavirus, many of us will be suffering with symptoms of physical and mental pain that have been triggered by limitations to our movement, exercise and social contact.

You might be working at a desk which is uncomfortable for your body or you may not have enough space to exercise as freely as you normally would. Perhaps your diet has changed as a result of being at home or you have found yourself having an extra glass of wine a week It is highly likely that your body is having to deal with a number of changes that it was not prepared for.

For many people, visiting an osteopath or other healthcare professional is triggered by the need to get a quick-fix for extreme pain or when an injury has occurred to their body. We can all be guilty of leaving that niggling pain to fester over time until it is too much to bear, or waiting until we simply cannot cope with our stress that we decide it is time for intervention.


However, as osteopaths, we often find that for many of our patients, the symptoms they come to us with are the result of long-term issues that have ‘snowballed’ over time.

If you are starting to feel the effects of lockdown and you are concerned that it could go on to impair your ability to stay active and healthy, then you should consider acting now and check in with your osteopath.

We have a deep understanding of how the body works holistically as an interconnected ‘machine’. We understand how our joints, muscles, ligaments and tissues work in line with other systems in the body as well as how our mental health can affect our physical bodies.

At Osteopathy For All, we specialise in being able to help you to identify troublesome signs immediately and offer advice on how to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

Lockdown has put many businesses in a precarious position, including many osteopathic clinics and healthcare practices. But that is not a reason for us to give up on our patient’s health and wellbeing. We are more aware than ever of the value of osteopathy, for existing patients and for people that are currently suffering at home in many ways and seeking help.

We are taking all the measures we can to continue to offer our care safely and effectively throughout this time.

You are not alone. We are here to help.

Our osteopathic consultations can help you to feel better physically and mentally, identify issues early, optimise your exercise and self-care routines and explain the importance of making time for you.

How to get help from your local osteopath whilst in lockdown

We are working hard to continue to produce materials that we believe are of real value to our clients and wider audience. We have put together our ‘Stay Active this Spring’ campaign to offer support online via our website. We are also producing video guides and advice on our YouTube channel. which are designed to give you practical assistance.

We are also now offering consultations over the phone and via video-calls online, that have been specially designed to offer quality care from a distance.

If you are considering osteopathy as a route to treat your current symptoms, we would advise a quick call with us to assess your individual case.

We are a friendly, local team and we are always happy to help explain the benefits and practicalities involved in osteopathy to anyone who is unsure whether it is right for them.

To speak to one of our team and request more information on our services, call Osteopathy For All on 01825 840582 or email hello@osteopathyforall.co.uk.