Paul Harrington

I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2011

Why I became an osteopath

I’ve always thought of myself having a caring nature, but was initially involved in a career in the visual and performing arts. Then after sustaining a neck injury I went to see an osteopath and had a sudden light bulb moment that osteopathy was what I should be doing!

My special interest within osteopathy

I’m very interested in how to help people with long standing/chronic pain and psychophysiologic disorders. After I began practicing, it became clear that many of the people that came to see me for treatment came with a long history of pain. By this I mean pain that was continually reoccurring and relapsing or was just there all the time to some degree. This led me look deeper into the causes of persistent problems, and into researching pain science, the neurobiology of pain and emotion, the effects of stress and trauma. So alongside more traditional osteopathic techniques, I use pain science education, movement education and mindfulness techniques to help people in their recovery.

I’m a qualified sports massage therapist and have taken post graduate studies in cranial osteopathy and mindfulness based Acceptance and commitment Therapy for chronic pain. (Osteomap course)

Random Facts

  • If I wasn’t an osteopath I think making documentary films would be fun
  • I build flint walls.
  • My 3 random dinner party guests would be The Dalai Lama, Kate Bush and Steven Hawking

What would be your number one tip for our patients?

Keep moving.

Movement Classes

I am now teaching a selection of movement classes for all abilities at The Wellbeing Space at Osteopathy For All. Do check out the classes and courses page for more information or book below in the group session tab.

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