Practice Information

Safety Precautions

General Information


Please cancel if you exhibit the symptoms of a high temperature, new or continuous cough, new loss of taste or small or if you think you might have been exposed.

There is a Pre-Screening Form on your reminder email that needs to be completed by all patients visiting the clinic.

  • This needs to be done 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • It is to check that you have not had any symptoms of Covid 19 or been in contact with anyone who has in the proceeding 14 days.
  • There is a question about whether you are in the shielded or vulnerable patient groups (see below)
  • A question about consent (see below)
  • If you are not able to fill this in online we will call you the day before your appointment


While we are taking every precaution to limit your exposure to coronavirus, we cannot guarantee that there is no risk as a result of attending our clinic for treatment.

We will request and record your consent to accepting the risk in the online form attached to your reminder email and that will be added to your notes. If you do not receive reminder emails we will call you 24 hours before your appointment.

The government has continued social distancing but as this is not possible in the clinic setting if you feel the condition for which you are consulting us is non-essential or you do not wish to accept the risk please re-arrange your appointment or contact us to find out more about what we are doing to ensure the clinic is safe.  (the protocol document runs to very many pages!!)

Remote Consultations

Remote telehealth consultations are available to anyone.

Precautions to Keep You Safe in the Clinic

  • At your appointment time please wait in the car park until we indicate that the previous patient has left.
  • We will have a card in the clinic window; when it shows RED please wait outside and when it is GREEN you may come in
  • Please use the alcohol based hand gel upon arrival.
  • If you have a mask please feel free to bring it. If not we can provide one.
  • We are using paper barriers and  diligently dis-infecting all contact points in the clinic between each patient.
  • Osteopaths will be wearing the designated PPE and following the latest infection control procedures
  • All practitioners are regularly washing their hands and monitoring/protecting their own, and their family’s health.
  • We have re-arranged reception and please don’t bring any unnecessary things or people!!! with you to your appointment.

If you would like any further information about any aspects of your appointment please let us know.

General Information

Consultation Information

  • During you consultation we will need to ask you questions about your current and past health conditions to build a picture of what is contributing to your symptoms.
  • We need to know about any medication you are taking.
  • We may need you to remove some clothing so we can examine the affected area and we may need to examine areas away from the problem too.
  • Loose comfortable clothing is also recommended.
  • We will always let you know what we are going to do and you can stop treatment at any point.
  • You may bring a chaperone but during the current pandemic please only bring someone if absolutely necessary.

Consultation Fees

  • 10 minute phone consultation: Free
  • 30 minute phone consultation: £25.00 (if this needs to converted into a clinic consultation you will only be charged the top up)
  • 30 minute video consultation:   £25.00
  • Clinic Consultation; Adult:         £55.00
  • Clinic Consultation; Adult:         £45.00

If you work for the NHS please let us know.


If you book online you can also now pay online at the time of booking which means you don’t need to handle cash or cards.

We also accept:

  • correct cash
  • Contactless payment by Google or Apple Pay.
  • Card payments: we are disinfecting the card machine after each use
  • BACS


There are toilets available on site. You need a key to access them. They are shared with the other businesses on site so we are unable to guarantee the infection control measures being used at present.


We have onsite parking.

Disabled Access

We have disabled access.

Our Front Door

We now have our own front door at the new clinic building at 9 The Village Works. As you enter the car park we are the separate building to the right.