Osteopathy for Stress Reduction & Wellbeing

Osteopathy is for backs but it is also for so much more.

One of the most importance osteopathic principles is that ‘structure and function are interdependent’. For instance we often find in patients with asthma that they have a reduced movement in the muscles and joints of their ribcages. We often find that when we release off this tension their breathing mechanics improve so whilst we do not claim to treat asthma, we do treat people with asthma…and many other conditions.


Osteopathy for improving your wellbeing

Which area of your health or wellbeing might we be able to help?

Regular treatment can…

  • keep your body more comfortable and pain free
  • reduce stiffness
  • keep arthritic joints more mobile
  • reduce headaches and migraine.
  • reduce joint swelling
  • Improve circulation
  • aid digestion
  • help if you are unable to relax

Osteopaths are like mechanics for your body.  So coming for treatment is like a  service and MOT for you and your body. Just like your car mechanic we consider every part of you, your body work (muscles and ligaments), wiring (nervous system), shock absorbers (joints), oil (blood supply and lymphatic drainage), air filters (lungs)…etc.

At each appointment we take a case history update to see how your symptoms are affecting you. We then formulate a treatment and management plan designed specifically for you.  (We tend to use osteopathic techniques from the gentler end of the spectrum and do not use manipulation.)

We may give you simple exercises to do at home or self care techniques to enhance your well-being.  We also have a variety of classes available to help support you.

As well as safe hands on treatment we are here to provide advice on many aspects of your health and wellbeing:





Healthy eating


Relaxation techniques


Chronic pain

Find out more about how we treat the effects of stress with osteopathy.

We're here to help

As highly trained first contact practitioners we are qualified to diagnose you in the same way as your GP so if you have any concerns about your general health or wellbeing we are here for you.  We have a very rounded and holistic view of your health and can see if there is any connection between your symptoms as well as providing safe hands-on treatment and an individually tailored management plan.

If we deem osteopathic care to not be appropriate or appropriate but with further tests or investigations we will, with your permission, refer you to the most appropriate practitioner.

All our osteopaths can help you with your wellbeing and Louise is especially passionate about this area of osteopathy.

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Learn more about osteopathy for improved wellbeing in our Toolkit

We have put together a selection of tools to help you to improve your general health and wellbeing. Click the link below to view our Wellbeing Toolkit.

Wellbeing Toolkit