We Want You to Feel Healthy and Happy

As osteopaths, we are dedicated to help you to feel healthy and happy. Many patients come to us with certain issues that may or may not be obvious what is causing them. It is our role to look at all parts of your health history to identify any underlying causes to your symptoms and treat them.

Our team use a mindbody approach to better understand issues an individual may be facing. Mental and physical health is interdependent and both need to be nurtured to feel generally healthy.

To maintain good physical health, you should consider whether you are taking the necessary steps to focus on your wellbeing.

Why Wellbeing Is Important


A good sense of wellbeing, or wellness, means that you feel comfortable, healthy and happy. It is a broad concept that can be difficult to measure day to day.

Internal and external factors may influence your wellbeing. Poor wellbeing can stem from multiple factors, such as unhappiness or physical pain, and will usually result in feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Chronic stress can affect all aspects of your life. Most people think that stress is just an emotion but over the long-term, it can cause strain on your mental and physical health. Rapid breathing, headaches, tight muscles and chronic pain can all be symptoms of stress.

Improving your wellbeing can help you to increase productivity, encourage creativity, improve focus and support physical health. If you are feeling good generally then you are more likely to feel happier overall.

How We Help You to Feel Healthy and Happy


Everyone needs good wellbeing to live healthy and happy lives. Looking after your mental and physical health is important and needs to be considered all the time. We encourage you to be more selfish when it comes to your health so you can focus on your wellbeing.

When you book an appointment with us, we will start with a consultation to go through all aspects of your health history. This is to help us to understand and identify anything that may be causing symptoms, some that you may not even be aware of. Our osteopaths will then choose the right treatment to suit you and your needs.

But your journey to becoming a happier self does not stop there. To maintain good wellbeing, you need to spend time on yourself mentally. Take the time to examine your thoughts and behaviours. Identifying unhelpful habits is the first step to overcoming them. Not only will you be helping your mental health, but your physical health also.

Our website is filled with resources for you to tap into as and when you need them. The Wellbeing Toolkit is a good place to start as it covers a lot of topics including getting moving, diet, breathing and relaxation. We also regularly add blogs to the website and send email newsletters with lots of advice included.

Your journey to a healthy and happy life, may be an ongoing process and there are many areas to consider. We have been helping our patients to improve their wellbeing for years and are delighted to hear the results.

A Patient’s Story

Very recently we had a lovely patient who was struggling with severe debilitating pain. Prior to visiting Osteopathy For All, one of the next medical options being discussed for them was spinal surgery.

Over the course of a few treatments, we were able to identify all the important aspects of the patient’s health story from as far back as childhood. By understanding what significance these stressors played and by using gentle hands-on osteopathic techniques to calm the body the need for surgery is now gone.

Normally the outcomes for spinal surgery in chronic back pain are not very positive. 33% improve but 33% come out with no change and the remaining 33% are worse after the operation.

We are delighted to be able to use our evidence based approach to eliminate the need for surgery in this patient and help them to manage their pain.

Talk to the Team About Your Needs

Osteopathy can be used for a wide range of issues, including general health and wellbeing. It is our approach to help you to feel better in yourself, which we do through treatment, advice and self-management plans.

If you would like to know more about our osteopathic consultations and the services we provide, please get in touch with the team.

Visit our appointments page, call us on 01825 840582 or email hello@osteopathyforall.co.uk to speak to the team.

We offer consultations for diagnosis and treatment and continue to support our clients and the wider community with osteopathic services.