What to expect at your osteopathy appointment.

We try to make your experience at Osteopathy For All as smooth as possible from the moment you contact us through your appointment and in your after treatment care.

To find out more about what to expect from your osteopathy appointment read on.

Contacting us

It is easy to get in contact with us via our reception service or via our website or email. We always try to respond as soon as we can.

Once you arrive at your appointment your osteopath will come to find you from reception.  Currently we are still observing Covid 19 protocols and are asking people to wait outside until called.

Case history – your health story

Your appointment will start with the essential contact details before the osteopath moves on to take a full and detailed case history. Understanding your full health story helps the osteopath to formulate an individualised treatment plan once they have also completed an examination. You are always welcome to not answer all the questions but the more details that we have the better the diagnosis.


During the examination the osteopath may ask to to remove or move some of your clothing. This helps the osteopath to be able to see what is happening in the area you are struggling with. They may get you to do some simple but specific movements to assess your mobility. They will explain all the time what they are doing and always invite questions to ensure it is clear.

Once the case history and examination are complete you will receive some treatment if it is appropriate. This is usually the case but if we need we need further tests or scans we may request this prior to treatment.


The treatment is very gentle, safe and effective and 95% of patients state that the response is better than expected.

Alongside treatment your osteopath may give you some gentle exercises or self care techniques to enhance your recovery between treatments.

If you would like to find out more of what to expect at your osteopathy appointment then please watch the video…

Book an appointment

Booking an appointment couldn’t be simpler. You can call us on 01825 840582 or book online HERE… 

Appointments booked before 30th October with Louise Field or Paul Harrington qualify you for a free class voucher.