More about our services

More About Our Services

At Osteopathy For All we offer a range of services and support for the whole family, treating babies to teens, adults and older adults. We pride ourselves in offering a mindbody approach, which means we treat your symptoms in a holistic way taking into consideration relevant areas of your history that could be contributing to the symptoms you’re experiencing. Unlike other Osteopaths, we believe that having a mindbody approach also means we can treat your physical and mental health as a whole and support you to either get moving again, manage your pain or boost your general wellbeing. 

Osteopathy For Adults

We treat a range of conditions for adults at all ages. Whether you have a stressful or physical job or you are running around after the grandchildren, we can help you feel more comfortable in your body and keep you moving. We provide treatment for conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and hypermobility. We can also support you to improve your sleep, healthy eating and exercise.  This is the type of appointment to book if you have general aches and pains, headaches, tennis elbow or mobility issues. Paul, Louise and Pippa all treat adults.

Osteopathy For Children 

We treat children of all ages, from babies to teenagers. We treat a wide variety of conditions in children and teenagers which can support them to integrate the mobility of their structure as they grow and develop. Louise and Pippa both treat children from birth to 18. One day we might see a baby uncomfortable with colic and the next help a teenager with anxiety. If you are not sure whether our gentle. cranial osteopathy is right for your child then please do contact us for more information.

Chronic Pain Rehabilitation (SIRPA) 

If you have been in pain for more than six months or recently diagnosed with a chronic or persistent pain condition we can support you to Change Your Pain.  Pippa and Louise are both SIRPA trained practitioners who can give you the tools and treatment to reduce your pain and get you moving again.  All our practitioners are experienced in treating chronic pain from a mindbody perspective and are trauma aware. We combine gentle hands on treatment with the latest in pain neuroscience to give you the tools to reduce your pain and other accompanying symptoms. Find out more here… 

Osteopathy for Stress Reduction and Wellbeing 

We can help your body to function better and help lower stress levels. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed, we look at your whole story and what might be contributing to these feelings. When we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by life it has a knock on effect on our body. The body can tense up or become over-sensitised causing a wide range of symptoms from pain to anxiety. Our approach is to use gentle osteopathic treatment alongside advice to help calm your nervous system. 

Courses & Classes 

We now offer a range of classes and courses in our beautiful new studio The Wellbeing Space. These classes have been created to continue supporting you between appointments. Our Osteopath Paul runs a weekly Gentle Movement Class on a Monday open to all abilities aimed at getting you moving in a gentle, nurturing way. Our Practice Manager Sian runs a Wellbeing For All session every other Tuesday, focusing on wellbeing techniques including mindfulness, meditation, chair yoga and breath-work. 


“I thoroughly enjoyed my first Wellbeing Session. Sian has a lovely manner and made me feel very comfortable. I left feeling relaxed and am looking forward to learning more techniques next time”. – JB


We currently have a special offer of one voucher for a free class when booking an appointment with Paul or Louise before 30th October.