Are You Ready To Change Your Pain?

Change Your Pain

Change Your Pain is a new online platform supporting those who want to reduce or recover from chronic pain.

How it came about?

Change Your Pain was born out of Pippa Cossens, Osteopath and SIRPA Trained practitioner’s own recovery from fibromyalgia. In 2017 Pippa was unable to even walk her dogs around the block due to widespread persistent pain. The pain was accompanied by chronic fatigue, insomnia, cognitive disturbance (brain fog) and multitude of other symptoms that at the time she had no idea were related.

What changed?

Well in autumn of 2017 Pippa went to the SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association) conference and discovered a new, evidence based mindbody approach to chronic pain recovery. Using this approach and then training to be a SIRPA practitioner has revolutionised not only her personal journey but that of Osteopathy For All.

Discovering the key to recovery

Whilst we are osteopaths through and through at Osteopathy For All. a lot of what we do now alongside the hands on osteopathic care is helping people to understand what is going on.  The latest pain science shows that chronic pain is a complex creature and doesn’t always relate to underlying tissue involvement. So whilst hands on care is still hugely helpful to change the body’s tension patterns it is only part of the story. The other part of the story is how the brain is perceiving and processing pain. This part is key and the bit that is often missing in a regular physical approach to pain.

The Change Your Pain Approach

Bringing both the mind and the body together and retraining the pain patterns that have developed is a game changer. Change Your Pain does this. It is an online platform consisting of knowledge, tools and techniques to retrain your pain. It teaches you how chronic pain works, how to understand and identify what is important in your pain story. It then teaches you how to change and reprogram your pain. Not only that there are live Q&A webinars alongside a multitude of bite sized resources in the form of videos and worksheets.

A supportive community

The membership also includes a private positive support community of people who understand and get it and our pain recovery practitioners.

So are you ready to Change Your Pain?

If you are then take a look at the new platform and if you sign up before 1st June you will be eligible for a discount

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