Osteopathic Practice of the Year Finalist 2019

We are really delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for UK Osteopathic Practice of the Year 2019.

The award is given to an osteopathic practice that has excellent patient focused care and is at the forefront of the osteopathic profession.

We pride ourselves on always providing individualised care. For some that may be a couple of hands on osteopathic treatments to help release tension in the body that is contributing to painful symptoms or stiffness. For those with arthritis or ongoing niggles we might provide monthly maintenance treatment to help keep the joints supple and mobile allowing you to keep enjoying the activities you love. We have a particular understanding of chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and hypermobility and adapt our treatment accordingly in each individual case. As well as treatment we are here to offer advice on many aspects of health and well-being, tailoring that advice to you. This may take the form of stretches and exercises to do at home or self care techniques, such as Tai Chi, to reduce the body’s overwhelmed nervous system which is terribly important in our busy modern digital world.

The key focus is that at Osteopathy For All we treat people, not conditions, so whatever is causing your discomfort we have time to listen to your whole health story, provide safe effective hands on treatment to help your body function to its potential.