Moving Towards Health Building Resilience

Moving Towards Health

The new Moving Towards Health course is now up and running and we’ve just completed week 2. I thought I would write a little bit about how it’s going and what we’ve been up to.

Building Resilience

The course is for anyone wanting to start the journey to becoming more emotionally and physically resilient. We learn and practice tools that shine a light on the habitual patterns of body and mind that may keep us stuck in a place we’d rather not be.

Week 2 Update

So over the last couple of weeks we’ve been learning about the stress response, the autonomic nervous system and the part it plays in how we feel and behave. We’ve been learning to notice the subtle changes in body sensation and feelings that occur, as we practice the work in class. We’ve been learning how to build resources to help calm ourselves when we feel unsettled and enliven us when we feel stuck.

Safe Community

Possibly most important is the safety of the group – it’s beginning to feel like a place we come to, check in with each other and really share with honesty exactly how we feel, without judgement and to be fully seen and heard. This sense of safety within the class builds as we continue to work together and provides the bedrock from which we grow.

Interested in finding out more

If you’re interested in joining the next course or want to find out more, do contact the clinic 01825 840582 or contact Paul directly on 07780239208

Special Offer

For anyone who books an osteopathy appointment with Paul Harrington before 30th October 2021 you are eligible for a voucher for a FREE class. (one per patient)