Homeschooling Advice And Resources

As many of you know I have home-schooled / home-educated for the last 6 years. So as the nation starts homeschooling on mass I wanted to share some homeschooling advice and resources with you.

Homeschooling whether by choice or due to unexpected circumstances is an undertaking so my main piece of advice is…

DON’T try and replicate school.   

It is hard enough being a parent without also trying to be the maths, science, PE and head teachers as well. Remember you and your children are going to have to live under the same roof for a few weeks now and unlike the summer holidays many attractions are not open. So cut yourself and your kids some slack.

Getting Outdoors and Online PE

On the subject of attractions the National Trust are letting people into their larger park and garden properties for free. In Sussex  Sheffield Park has a lovely activity trail in the park across the fields from the car park so if the kids need to blow of steam that is one option. The tea rooms are closed so take a picnic. Just remember to keep 2 metres from other visitors especially the elderly. If you can’t get away from home get the kids moving in the house or garden. Joe Wicks Personal trainer is going to be doing live PE online each morning starting on Monday 23rd March.  If you need a more calming activity why not do some Tai Chi / Qi Gong together.

Online Printable Resources

There are masses of printable resources available online, especially on pinterest or just google what you fancy there are lots of free resources out there.  We have produced a couple of anatomically relevant resources for your kids to complete. We hope to produce more and will keep you posted.

Household Management

Involve your children in the household chores – teach them to run a house. How to budget, how to do the washing, how to cook… their future partners will thank you. There is an amazing amount of science and maths in every day household management.

Virtual Grandparents

Link you kids up with activities they can share virtually with self isolating grandparents – this will be great for both groups. Get grandparents to read a story on Skype or Facetime. They can even play games such as squares or noughts and crosses.  There are also online games of chess that can be played remotely.

Screen Time

You are, like it or not, probably going to have to relax your screen time rules especially if you want to stay sane. Ensure your computers settings are set at the appropriate level for your children and send them off online to explore something that interests them and then get them to explain what they have found out to you. Sit down and relax with them. You will appreciate the rest and they will love the attention. One of my favourite parts of home educating has been what my son has taught me.

From a more academic point of view BBC Bitesize is a great resource for all ages from primary school upwards and there are a number of museums offering virtual tours.

Stress – Yours and Theirs

I cannot promise that this time is going to be stress free. So I wanted to share the resources that are available on our website. We have three tool kits on the website and one of these is specifically for children. Our Children’s toolkit contains some videos with relaxation techniques to help children find their ability to self calm. We also have breathing techniques and  meditation links for you for when it feels a bit overwhelming.

Most of all try and find the balance for you and the children. Reach out to friends and share resources. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for these activity sheets (and more) and don’t drink too much wine!

Here for you

Pippa Cossens Registered Osteopath and Home Educator

skeleton labeling diagram
Skeleton Activity Sheet
Ear activity sheet
The Ear- Activity sheet