New diagnosis from your GP?

Have you recently received a new diagnosis from your GP and do you need more support?

Have you recently had a diagnosis of a musculoskeletal condition such as arthritis or tennis elbow? Or a chronic pain condition such as fibromyalgia? Are you not quite sure what to do from here?

Our osteopaths are here to help. As medically trained Allied Health Professionals we are able to discuss your diagnosis and help guide you to find an individually tailored treatment or management plan.

With many conditions affecting the body there are lots of treatment and self help options. At Osteopathy For All we provide gentle hands on treatment. This is specifically designed for ‘you’ rather than just your ‘condition’.  To find out more about what actually happens during a treatment see our blog “What to expect from your appointment” 

Getting Moving

Alongside treatment we then may advise some exercises for you to do from the Exercise Toolkit on the website. The exercise toolkit consists of videos with stretching or strengthening exercises for each region of the body from head to toe. If you are not sure where to start, why not book with one of our osteopaths to get some advice?

We consider all that life is throwing at you

Alternatively we might recommend some relaxation or self care exercises if your body is struggling to relax. Stress and the overwhelm that it produces can contribute to long term pain conditions in the body. So as well as relaxing your muscles with gentle osteopathic treatment we might suggest some simple, but effective techniques, to reduce the effects of stress. The Mindbody Toolkit is crammed full of useful advice from tai chi to meditation to help achieve this.

Do you have a diagnosis of Osteoporosis or Arthritis?

Have you been diagnosed with arthritis or osteoporosis? The Wellbeing Toolkit has specific links for exercising safely with these conditions. The body nearly always benefits from movement but often we are worried about what exercises to do and whether we are going to do damage. If you have any concerns about what is suitable then our osteopaths are here to help tailor a plan specifically for you. 

Osteopathic healthcare is designed around finding and enhancing the health within your body. Also about advising you on how best you can support yourself between appointments. You may only need one session with us or you might need a few to help establish the changes and get into an established self care routine. We never keep you coming back more than is necessary. Our osteopaths are here to answer any questions you have about your care.

We have time

Having a new diagnosis can be daunting and with limited time your doctor or health care provider may not be able to take you through all aspects of your recovery. This is where our osteopaths can help. We spend at least 40 minutes with you at each consultation which gives us plenty of time to understand the whole of your health story and formulate a management plan alongside hands on treatment. 

Book for us to help you

If you are unsure as to whether we can help we offer a free 10 minute phone call to help ascertain if osteopathic care is right for you. 

It is really straightforward to book an appointment either call 01825 840582 or book online anytime.  

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